The Mirror

by Von Drakus

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released July 22, 2011




Von Drakus Gießen, Germany

We're a four-membered hardcore punk band out of Gießen, Hessen, Germany. We started together in July 2009.

We're always looking for opportunities to play some music. Thanks for your help!

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Track Name: Lies (Relationships I)
sunlight in your eyes
always smiling and laughing
but it's never as it seems

you lied to me

twist the words i said
to get yourself cleaned up
what are you afraid of?

i regret it all

you should better mind
your own mistakes first
before destroying me
with words i've never spoken

always remember
you were the one who fooled me
but yet you have the cheek
to blame me for everything?

fuck you
Track Name: The Void
void in me
nothing moves
in every way

i'm so tired of my own
my thoughts are going mad
i only want to disappear
before i lose myself

void in me
nothing moves anymore

i look into the mirror
but i just don't see me
i hide behind the wall
i built up around me all the time

locked-in and locked-out
no hope anymore
this is the void in me
Track Name: Fall
mad thoughts everywhere inside my head
i always try to ignore them all
but they keep coming and coming up
this is insanity -- i don't know what went wrong with me

feeling strange
with everyone
with me especially

when it all falls down on you
all along the way, continuously
you surrender; to forget what it means to be
to forget what it means to feel the pain

when it's all dug in this way
you must stay, there's no getting away
there is no way out of this

when all you see is the entire
uglyness of your own self
then there is no going back
Track Name: Menschengrenzen
watch them all take everything
without a doubt, by all means
without any borders, regardless
of anything and everything

after all those who fall by the wayside
the broken lives . . . they would have fallen anyhow?

why do you people always draw a line?
why do you always draw a line between yourselves?
will this ever end?

everyone's just talking
about equality and how about it all should be
but is it just constraint -- or do we really feel this way?

humanity is an illusion

in the end it will always be the same old way of living in this society
there are the ones who make it and the ones who fall by the wayside
for which we couldn't care less . . . and we all know that
Track Name: Follow Blind
let it all pass you by
and follow blindly

always the line of the least resistance

i know it's all about living life
but that doesn't mean i have to surrender
the only thing that really belongs to me
my autonomy

see nothing
hear nothing
let it all pass you by
Track Name: No Memories (Relationships II)
they all come and go
and so they fade away

don't expect any attention
these days you're simply nothing to them
their eyes are shut and their mouths are sealed

they just go their own way
with their own interpretation of the past
in which you have never existed

you've never existed
and so they fade away

it's such a confusion
how can someone be so close
and yet unreachable?

leave it all behind
they're not worth it anymore
so don't let them ruin you
look forward and don't ever care
Track Name: Same/Distance
don't come any closer
no touch of something in my mind
neither feelings nor emotions
no touch of something
nothing i would have wanted to touch me anyway

smiling and laughing all the time
as if there was so much to laugh about
well concealed, this is always the same

the look on your faces . . . insincerity
don't come any closer . . . stay away

i don't want to see you
i don't want to hear you
i don't want to talk to you
i don't want to pretend to be someone else
just because that could evoke sympathies

no sympathies
for you

you're all the same