The Black Gate

by Von Drakus

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released June 3, 2015




Von Drakus Gießen, Germany

We're a four-membered hardcore punk band out of Gießen, Hessen, Germany. We started together in July 2009.

We're always looking for opportunities to play some music. Thanks for your help!

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Track Name: Ausweg
rein in die truemmer, durch all das geroell
das uns seit jeher nur zur entsorgung diente
der entsorgung unserer selbst, unserer eigenen identitaet
das was uns macht und zerstoert

alles auf den kopf gedreht, abgelehnt
wie sonst auch? ist alles so weit weg

und wenn dann alles wieder hochkommt
sich das schon gedachte nicht mehr wegedenken laesst
alles uebel aufstoesst, dann kann ich endlich zusehen
wie sich mir alles auftuermt... und zerfaellt

die gesamte existenz wieder in schutt und asche
das uebel als ganzes wieder in fragmenten
die sich von ueberall durch das hirn hindurch arbeiten
und es endgueltig zerfressen, bis nichts mehr bleibt
ausser schmerzen

schmerzen, die nicht mehr aufhoeren werden
es gibt nur einen weg, das alles zu ertragen

Track Name: Enough/Down
pushing back for a while now
but the pressure won't ease
until it all falls apart again

it feels like dying inside
i'm ashamed of myself
of the life that i live
of the world that is suffocating

why do i even live? i never wanted to
i'm down

why do i even live? i never wanted to live in this world
this world
so bad

i'm blinded by the light of faith
but the darkness will come

the dark falls

leaving this world
through the black gate
for the better
Track Name: The End
left alone is his mind
the beginning of the end
he still strives for more
the end is near
until then, you must bear this

darkness in his mind, bright eyes
he's locked-in and locked-out
no way out
broken life and broken mind
pain, void, efforts leading nowhere

how much more must you stand?
you deserve nothing more of this kind
how much more must you suffer?
you deserve quiet
Track Name: No Truth
the new truth of our time
spreading, burning bright

no more lies to control what we know
no more lies to define current truth
no more lies to feed the wicked minds
no more lies to poison our lives

the truth
it has been buried alive
the truth
no, it will never revive
Track Name: Circles
burning bombs against shades of grey
when will it stop? all we see is war and poverty
the disease of humanity, the way of the world

but it continues
the right of the mighty prevails
and our weapons will do the rest

don't look back
don't look close
it does make a sense
that's all that we know

our bodies covered in blood
our minds poisoned

scum of the earth

we're running in circles of our detestable history
we're running in circles and we'll never learn
Track Name: War Zone
every other day is now only a waste
it stinks of their rotting remains
cadavers lying around

this smell is ubiquitous
dead bodies, rotting away

in war zone

this place levelled to the ground
built upon their bodies and limbs
annexed by the righteous

blood shed
peace forget
in war zone

life, what means it to them?
it means nothing as long as they continue
all their mischief against innocent civilans
that have nothing to do with these fucked up world politics

wasted away
in war zone
Track Name: Life Eraser
life sucker
swallow the rest of our bodies and our brains
for that we suffer, at last, in agony

life eraser
bring justice all over us
let life be death, end it
let us burn in hell, at last, for justice

damnation of mankind
Track Name: Sick
life feeds me its mindless waste
until i collapse and puke me
i puke my insides

i'm weary inside
sick of this life
sick of our future
the past

i'm a life hater
where's my life eraser?

but then again i try
but fail along the way

i'm weary inside
sick of this life
our future is stuck in the past

i'm sick